Some of your questions

Hopelijk beantwoorden we de meeste vragen met deze FAQ, maar schroom niet om ons te mailen met je aanvullende vragen.

  • General

    Who are you?
    We work as a husband and wife team with the occasional help of trusted freelancers.
    We are Jonah & Merel, an American/ Dutch couple living in the Netherlands. We love the romantic authentic look for our photos and videos with a journalistic approach. The real moments are always the most special and we are extra attentive to those precious moments. Our style has a little American flavor to it as we have lived in America for several years. To read more about us go here.
    We are videographers located in Barneveld, the Netherlands, and recently we added photography as well.

    Let us introduce ourselves:
“I have worked for years in communication and advertising as a project manager. I found my professional background to come in really handy when it comes to the organization of weddings. Besides that, I love to be creative. It is an honor to be so close to a couple during their wedding day. I have a relaxed approach during the day so that the couple can be themselves. This make the day more fun and all about you! 
    I love it when a couple put a lot of themselves in their day. The special things you plan for each other makes the day more unique and romantic.”

    Jonah: Jonah originally comes from the USA. Together with his wife Merel, they lived for 5 years in Colorado before they moved with their 2 children to The Netherlands. Jonah is understandable most comfortable speaking English, but can understand and speak a decent amount of Dutch.
    Jonah has been trained in Hollywood as a videographer and gave videography lessons for years. “When we got married ourselves, almost 10 years ago, I created my first film clip. At the time, the wedding clip was a pretty new concept”. After that, more weddings followed.
    They did a number of weddings in America before they started doing wedding videography in Holland in 2015.
    Besides weddings, Jonah also makes company videos (www.crownvideo.nl). His biggest hobby at the moment is drone mapping and videography. “It is very cool to see the world from above. In the last years, I have had the privilege to shoot a lot of beautiful places in the Netherlands!”

    Do you also do destination weddings?

    Absolutely! We can travel to any location. To get a general idea of the pricing, just add €450,- excl. cost of the flight to the package, which helps cover us for the cost of stay, rental car, etc.

    Are our photos and videos used on your website?
    We are proud of our work and love to show it off. The majority of our weddings come either from direct word of mouth recommendations, or through the videos and images that we have placed on our website and social media. If this is something you would rather not have done, then we are happy to discuss this with you. We usually charge €250 to opt out of social media and website placement.

    Your wedding videos and photos are yours to use freely online and offline! We would appreciate it however, if you would tag us in your social media posts.

    What about food on the wedding day?
    We would appreciate if you could arrange something for us during lunch and dinner. It doesn’t have to be fancy, but we definitely work better on a full stomach!

  • Video

    How do you work together with the photographer?
    Great! We love creating something beautiful together with other professionals. Our goal is to make the day go smoothly for everyone involved. We make it a priority to communicate well so we don’t get in each other’s way and we make space for everyone to get the shots they want.

    Can we get the raw footage?
    Yes you can! The raw footage is what you want if later on you want to do some editing yourself. Just know that the raw footage is not always the prettiest to look at as it contains footage that is unedited, un-color corrected, sometimes out of focus, sometimes shaky, etc. For €250, we will happily send you the large raw files on a hard drive or via a digital link. We always keep a copy of the raw footage for up to 3 months after the wedding, after which time, we can delete it from our servers to open space for future projects.

    How do we receive the video?
    We like the modern way, so we do not usually deliver our video on USB, DVD, VHS, etc. You will receive a digital link where you can download your package. We will also upload a video to Vimeo, YouTube and/or Facebook and give you a link so that you can easily share it with others.

    How long can we expect to wait for the final video?
    It usually takes us about 4 weeks to finish the video. We always do our best to deliver a soon as we can, but we also want to make sure the results are what we all want.
    If you would like to have your video sooner, within a week of your wedding day for example, we can do this for a small fee.
    If you book a Same Day edit, not only will you be able to view it the evening of your wedding day, we will also email you a link the day after your wedding.

    What do you need for a Same Day Edit?
    For a Same Day Edit, the location will need to arrange a beamer with an HDMI or VGA connection, a projection screen, and a good connection to sound. The sound can often be arranged through the DJ or the location’s music panel. It is good to discuss this with the DJ prior to the event so that they are aware. We will bring the proper cables to connect our computer to the beamer. For the Same Day Edit, we arrange to have a second person cover any required filming during a period of about 4 hours during editing.

    Can we have any changes made to or final video?
    Yes! After watching the first draft of your video, you are able to change some shots. These are mostly little details. If there are lots of bigger changes, then we charge €50 per hour.

    Can you put our favorite song in our video?
    Sure! For the same day edit and the wedding film you can use your own choice of music. You can give us a list with up to 5 songs. Let us know if you are going to use one of these songs for your openings dance so that we do not use it in your Same Day Edit. For private viewing, these videos containing your favorite music will be fine.

    The 3-minute Film clip we create will be made with right-free music so that you will not have any trouble viewing it on line. Videos with copyrighted music are subject to stricter rules and regulations when it comes to online viewing and often cannot be viewed on social media sites.

  • Photography

    Can we get all the photos you shot during the day?
    No, we do not deliver every single photo we take. We also don’t deliver the RAW photo files. We eliminate the double shots, blurry, missed shots and the shots without a great expression. We try to get the most spontaneous shots, which means that we often shoot a lot of photos to capture that one special expression. We select the photos ourselves and only deliver the best ones to you.

    How many photos can I expect?
    In a 8-12-hour shoot, you can expect between 250-500 photos. This depends a lot on the diversity of your day.

    Are all photos edited?
    Yes, all our photos are edited for color and light and properly cropped

    Do you need a list of what photos that we really want?
    For the family shoot, we would like to have a list. It is convenient if the master of ceremonies can help arrange getting the right people in the shot. Besides this, feel free to share your must-haves. We will try our very best to get those shots. For the rest, you can you trust that we will of the day.

    Can you also just do a part of the day?
    Yes we can! Our minimum is 6 consecutive hours.

    Do you also do engagement sessions?
    Yes we do! We shoot for 1 hour on location.

    Do you make photo-albums?
    Yes! These aren’t included in our price, but we can certainly make them for you.

  • Bookings

    What about meeting up?
    We have found that most our couples like the convenience of Skype or Facetime so they don’t have to deal with travel time and traffic. If you would rather get to know us face to face, we can meet up in Barneveld. We have an “intake” form that will help prepare you for the first meeting. With those answers, we can get a good idea of what your wedding day will look like. Our intake conversations are always done by Merel.

    When do we talk through all the details about the wedding?
    At least 2 weeks before the wedding, Merel will contact you via email to get the last details for your wedding. Afterwards, you will receive a final intake form containing the details we discussed.

    Can I get an option for our wedding date?
    Yes you can! We will send you a pricing quote and temporarily reserve your wedding date. If after those 14 days you choose not to book us, then your day become available again.

    What is the prepayment?
    Upon booking, we ask for a non-refundable prepayment of €250. Pricing includes VAT (if applicable). Two weeks before the wedding you will receive the final invoice to be be paid before the wedding day.

    What happens in case of cancellation?
    If you want to cancel after your payment, the whole amount gets refunded minus the prepayment.